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Images: adding an image to your canvas

To add an image (photo, clipart, logo) to your layout, either...

Drag and drop an image from your file manager anywhere onto the canvas. (Your composite frame will complain that it is being blocked - see below for details.)

then resize, reposition, and embellish with borders, filter & shadow effects

Or add an empty image frame, which you can resize, reposition, and embellish with border & shadow effects,then drag and drop an image from your file manager into the frame.
and add any additional effect to the image, if desired.

Image frame versus composite frame - how to fix an occlusion

In the example above, the image frame had triggered a Fix warning on the grid.  Composite frames work on a principle of best fit - they are designed to fit the maximum number of portraits into the designated area based on your query. They will move portraits away from other elements on the page that block them, which may cause the FIX warning to appear if the number of portraits cannot be accommodated within the composite frame while being blocked by other elements. Learn how to fix an occluded composite frame.

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