Alignment tools: guidelines, snaps and margins

Modified on Thu, 07 Feb 2019 at 01:08 PM

When you resize or reposition a frame on your canvas, alignment guidelines will appear automatically.
You can quickly align frames to the edges or center of each other or to the canvas without effort.

Select one or more images, then drag them to a new position. As the selection approaches other image frames, the page margins, or the vertical/horizontal mid-point of the page, guidelines will appear to magnetically pull the selection into place.

White snaplines appear around the canvas edge on both the Layout Editor, the Page Editor and the Portrait Template editor. 

These white lines indicate the edges of your frames. Move the snap line from one frame to overlap with another's - the frames will be in alignment.

Overlapping snaps indicate that frames are aligned on their edges (including spacing). Moving a snap will cause all images on that line to move together (resizing as they go).

Adjustable margin lines contour the canvas.

While each new page appears with the default margins as specified under Settings, the margin lines can be dragged into a new position. Frames magnetically snap to the margin lines.

Margins and snaps work together to provide easy alignment. Drag a margin line to a new position, then drag a snap to align with the margin line  - all images on that snap line will now be flush with the margin.

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