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Canvas background options

Your canvas background can be used creatively to display an image (texture or photo) or a color.

Use a photo

Drag an individual image from your file explorer to drop on your blank canvas. It will be added to an image frame, full frame (no crop).

Adding an image may trigger a warning that your canvas is being occluded (Fix)- don't be concerned.

Select the image frame and turn off composite frame occlusion from the General Layout option on left-side menu.

Once occlusion is off, the composite frames will no longer try to reposition themselves to avoid the image frame, and the warning will disappear.

Next, select the image frame and click on the frames Menu Icon to open its general options.
Choose Set as full canvas background, or select the image then hit B on your keyboard.

The image will be applied as the canvas background.

Use a color

To add a background color to your canvas, click on an empty area on your canvas then click on the background color icon.

Change the canvas color by clicking on the background color chip - the color palette will appear.

Select a color by:

  • clicking on the gradient directly
  • moving the slider down to change the darkness of the selected shade
  • directly adding HSV, RGB or Hex codes into the table at the bottom of the window
  • using the eyedropper to sample a color on the canvas
  • selecting a color preset

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