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Modified on Fri, 8 Feb, 2019 at 5:13 PM

Click on the Tt icon to add a text frame to your page. 

To select a single text frame, simply click on it.  The frame can be resized by the handles surrounding it in the same manner as an image frame.

To select more than one text frame, drag your mouse to catch both frames.  

To select non-adjacent frames, hold the Ctl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key to individually add frames to your selection.

To select individual text characters within a frame, first click on a text frame.  This first click allows the frame to be repositioned and resized via the handles.

Next, double-click the frame - this will select all the text content within the frame.  If you type at this point, your text will be entirely replaced. If you change any attribute (font, color, bold, etc.) the entire selection will receive the attribute.

Click one more time directly into the text area - this time, a cursor will appear at the point of the click. Start typing to add new characters without deleting any others.  Use your keyboard arrow keys to move your cursor around the text.  Use your mouse to click then drag over a portion of the text inside the frame, to either replace it by typing or to add a text attribute only to that selected area. .

The following table illustrates what properties can be applied to individual Characters vs an entire [Text Frame].

Property Label
Can be applied to
Individual Characters / Selection / Lines?
Can be applied to
Entire Text Frame?
  • Text (Font)

  • Font Size

  • Color

  • Bold | Italic |
    Underline | Strike Through

  • Horizontal Alignment
    (Left | Center | Right | Justified)

  • Vertical Alignment
    (Top | Middle | Bottom)

  • Line Spacing

  • Letter Spacing

  • Letter Rotation

  • Italic

  • Skew

  • Blur

  • Contour
    (Color & Contour Height)

  • Direction
    (Left-to-Right | Top-to-Bottom | Right-to-Left)

  • Type
    (Title | Sub-Title | Body)

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