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Importing portraits without a database

If you do not have a database associated to your portraits, you may import the images directly under the Index tab. 
A video tutorial is available demonstrating this procedure - click here to view it.

Rename the portrait files to the person's name - Memento Composite will be able to use that information to auto-populate first and last name information in the Index tab.

Click on Import Photos to begin.

Locate your portrait images on your computer.  Select all the images to be imported (Ctrl-A to select all). If required, toggle from the .jpg option to the .png option next to the Open button to display the portraits.
Click Open when you have selected the file.

Choose the rule to use on the file name - your choice will assign first & last names into the project's database using this information.

File naming options

If your file names look like....choose this option.Results in the Index tab after import
  • Smith.jpg
  • Crawford-Holmes.jpg
  • AMALA.png
  • Philippa.png
  • Lucy-Anne.jpg
  • STACEY.jpg
  • Corinne,Holmes.jpg (comma separator)
  • Josie.Cortez.png (period separator)
  • Terry-lee_Montclair.pjg (underscore separator)
  • Franco-Depardieu.jpg (hyphen separator)
  • Marco Giancarlo,jpg (space separator)
  • Jun;Huang.png (semi-colon separator)

(choose the corresponding separator)
  • Holmes,Corinne.jpg (comma separator)
  • Cortez.Josie.png (period separator)
  • Montclair_Terry-lee.png (underscore separator)
  • Depardieu-Franco.jpg (hyphen separator)
  • Giancarlo Marco,jpg (space separator)
  • Huang;Jun.png (semi-colon separator)

(choose the corresponding separator)
  • DSC_13595.png
  • 235HM59253.jpg
  • Student (1).jpg

(Rename the portraits after import or ignore it if you do not plan to add labels to your images.)


Avoiding File Name Problems

Best results are usually obtained by using a comma, an underscore or a semi-colon to separate first and last names in the file name, as these symbols are not used in people's names.

  • All cap file name comes in as all-caps in the database. If you do not want labels that are all-caps, then ensure the file names are written in mixed case. (eg. Use Amara.jpg not AMARA.jpg)
  • If your portrait set contains names that have a period in them  then do not use a period to separate first and last names. You will lose info following the second period. (eg. Cyara St. John would import as Cyara St)
  • If one or more names are hyphenated then do not use a hyphen to separate first and last names. You will lose info following the second hyphen. (eg. Terry-lee Smith will appear as Terry lee; Justin Frederick-Dempsey would appear as Justin Frederick)
  • If any names have more than one space between them then do not use a space separator. You will lose any info following the second space. (eg. Kelly Ann White would appear as Kelly Ann)

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