File naming options (default and customized)

Modified on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 12:50 PM

By default, exported project files will be named after your project file name.

Single page projects and multi-page PDF files will render with the project's name.   Multi-page projects rendered to JPG, PSD and single page per PDF will be named with the file name plus a numeric value. 

Simple file name customization

If you don't want your files to have the same name as your project, type in a custom file name in the export window.

Customization using information from the project's index

Exported files can be automatically named using information in your project's index. This is useful if you are rendering a series of groups -- teams, classrooms -- or memory mates customized per person.

To set up a custom export file name using index tags, click on a composite frame in the Editor's Layout tab, then click on the Export Filename option on the left side options.

Example 1: a classroom composite series, one page per homeroom.

Select the composite frame and expand the Export Filename 

Click on Add Tags to select the relevant Index categories. 

Grade and Teacher will identify the rendered results in this case - to help sort the files for printing and distribution to the classrooms.

Customize the file as required - type directly into the Export Filename box, around the Index tags to add dashes, brackets or text common to all file names.
This classroom set will include the school name, and dashes between the grade and teacher name.

After generating the composite set...

... move to the Finalize tab to export the finished results.

The exporter's file name area is now blanked out since it is preset in the Editor's Layout tab and can no longer be edited. 

The resulting exported files will display individual custom file names, contained within a folder named after the project file itself.

Example 2: A memory mate, one page per portraits

Layouts for memory mates will include at least two composite frames - one for the group grid and one for the focus portrait.

In this example, the first composite frame (Basic group composite) displays the group portrait (the query is set to show everyone in Grade 4). This frame is not useful to use for generating custom file names per person since it contains many portraits.  
|The second composite frame (All about Me) displays a single portrait. Because it is focused on the individual portrait, this composite frame should be used to generate the file name.

The export file name includes the name of the person in the focus portrait as well as their grade and teacher. 

This formatting will generate a file name composed of the Last Name and First Name of the focus portrait, followed by the grade and teacher name in brackets.

After generating the composite set - 29 pages in total....

... and finalizing the project to jpg...

... the resulting files are custom named per portrait/person. Note how the files are placed into a folder named after the project file's original name.

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