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Missing images warnings (and how to fix them)

Images and fonts are not embedded into your Memento Composite projects. If any images associated to your project are moved to a new location on your computer or if you move your project to a new computer, an error will appear:

Images that are no longer available to your project cannot be rendered (finalized). If the images can be re-accessed, then the project can be repaired. 

Disconnected images on your layout will appear red with ? warnings on them in the Editor.

Click on the ? warning to start the reconnection process. Click on Open Folder to point to the location where the image(s) now are stored.

Note that the original path is displayed at the top of the window when a single image is selected.

Once reconnected, the warning and red casting will disappear. 

Portraits are reconnected in the Index in the following manner:

Once rewired, the project will render correctly.

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