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Correcting typos and editing information in the Index

When you select a single portrait image, the information related to that portrait is available on the right side of the screen. 

If you select multiple images, you will see only the information common to them. Select portraits individually by checkmarking them, or by holding Ctrl and clicking on them individually.

Select all portraits in the Index with the Select all option over the portrait preview area. Deselect will remove any selection.

Editing information

Select one or more portraits to edit the category information assigned to it. Fix typos, for instance, by typing directly into the category.

Reassign portraits into an existing group by clicking on the V next to the category, where you can choose another item from the list.

Adding a Category

In your index was missing information that is needed to generate your composite, or if you only imported photos into the index, you can add categories to add new data your portrait set.  Click on the Add Category button to add a new entry to the category list.

Tip: If your imported data has many complicated mistakes in it - the wrong names are associated to portraits, the entire database is in all-caps, portraits are assigned to the wrong groups - it is best to fix the .csv file directly in a spreadsheet software or to reexport the database in your portrait management software. Memento Composites simply reads imported data - it is not a database management system so it is best to use software specific to this task.

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