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Moving your Memento Composite setup to a new computer

Should you need to move your Memento Composite installation, projects, and presets to a new computer, do the following:

  • Reinstall the software from the Memento Composite website.
  • Access My Account to log into your subscription (if applicable). Note that you can use the same subscription on another computer for your personal convenience, but not to enable two designers on a single subscription. Each designer in your studio needs their own account & subscription as per the Memento Composite End User Agreement.
  • Run the software at least once to auto-generate the default folders on your system.
  • Move the contents of Documents\Memento Composite\Projects from your old computer to your new computer.  Inside this folder, you will find your Presets (eg. Portrait template designs), your saved projects, and project backups.

Note that images and fonts are not embedded into your projects. If you move a project from one computer to another, it will most likely relaunch with a missing images warning.
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