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How to automatically feature portraits in a larger frames

Turn on Feature Frames on a composite frame to enlarge one or more portraits in your layout on the first row. 

Select the featured portraits

In the Index, select the portraits to be featured on your composite.  In this example, three homeroom teachers have been selected in the Index tab.

On the categories list on the right-side, find Featured at the bottom of the list. Switch Featured to Yes.

On the Editor's Layout tab, select the composite frame where the featured portraits will appear. Access the Featured Frames option from the left-side options.

After turning on Featured Frames, your composite frame will display one or more large portrait placeholders (depending on the number of portraits featured per group).

In this case, the composite frame is set to show a single homeroom, and each homeroom has a single teacher who has been flagged as featured in the Index.

The featured portraits cover the space of four regular portraits (2x2). There are no means to custom set the size - the featured portrait needs to respect the grid settings and alignment options.

Once the composites are generated, the featured portraits will automatically appear in the larger frame at the front of the grid.

More than one portrait can be featured. In the example below, a school staff page features the Principal and Vice-Principal.

WARNING: You cannot feature more portraits than can fit on the first row of the composite grid. Your grid must have two times the number of columns as featured portraits. 

For example, if you have five featured portraits, your composite grid must have no less than ten rows; if you have three featured portraits, your grid must have no less than six rows.

NOTE:  To sort your grid by rank/hierarchy without changing the size of the portrait frames, use the Priority field in the Index tab.

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