Memento Composite 2.0

Modified on Tue, 20 Feb 2024 at 03:30 PM

This version marks a significant update, focusing on a comprehensive overhaul of the composite panel's UI for a more intuitive user experience. Additionally, it introduces substantial enhancements in portrait flow, related to manual knockout and other real-time occlusion objects. These improvements are designed to achieve near-perfect automatic adaptation, streamlining the integration of portraits seamlessly within the composite frame


Layer View: A groundbreaking feature that displays all layers in your Layouts, Portrait Editor, or Pages. This enhancement saves time by allowing you to select any layer swiftly, lock it, rename it, and adjust its z-order.

GridSmart Portrait Grid: This powerful feature allows the software to automatically adjust the number of portrait rows for 100% accuracy every time. Alternatively, you can opt for automatic row adjustment only when needed or turn it off for a manual process when you have a specific outcome in mind.

Native PSPA File Import - We now support automatic column association according to the latest PSPA specification.

Improved Panel UI: Enhancements have been made to the Composite Panel User Interface, focusing on making each section more visible and user-friendly, thus facilitating easier navigation and interaction.

Photo Import Capability: Enhanced the software to allow for the importation of hundreds of photos.


Knockout Occlusion Fix: This update addresses significant bugs related to knockout and automatic occlusion effects in the last line, especially in the center mode, improving overall functionality and visual quality.

Text Alignment Consistency: Fixed an issue where a single line of text across multiple pages would not align at the same Y position.

Undo/Redo Functionality: Addressed a problem where using the Undo/Redo feature under certain circumstances left orphan objects, leading to significantly increased project size, slow loading times, and delayed composite frame refreshes.

Portrait Template Editing: Resolved a crash when attempting to edit a portrait template without a query assigned to a composite frame.

Feature Frame Display: Corrected a rare issue where the software displayed more than one feature frame in the Composite Layout when only one should be shown. Additionally, a message is now displayed to prompt a review of previous projects as a precaution.

Low-Resolution Image Selection: Improved the selection process for low-resolution images within a project, making it easier to select them.

Portrait Duplication in Index Tab: Fixed an issue where duplicating a Portrait in the Index Tab did not automatically update the generated composite.

Index Duplication Scrolling Reset: Addressed a bug where duplicating an index reset the scrolling area, forcing users to scroll back to the last index position.

Photo Importation Issue: Fixed a bug where importing a index file with the same image reference multiple times in the index file made changing some portraits impossible.

Zoom/Pan Bug Fix: This fix resolves an issue in the Page where zooming or panning incorrectly altered the pan and zoom settings of a portrait, ensuring a more consistent viewing experience.

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