Automating Feature Portrait Enlargement

Modified on Tue, 20 Feb 2024 at 03:30 PM

A "Feature Frame" is a feature that allows the user to emphasize a particular individual or element within a composite image, typically by enlarging their frame relative to others. This feature is especially useful in creating class composites or yearbooks where teachers or key individuals can be highlighted.

The feature offers flexibility in design, enabling a clear visual distinction and hierarchical representation within the group photo.

Choosing the Portrait for Feature Highlight

A - Navigate to the Index Tab.

B - Identify and select the portrait you wish to feature.

C - From the Feature DropDown menu, choose the 'Yes' option.

Enabling the Feature Portrait Option

A - Navigate to the Editor Tab.

B - Confirm you are on the Layout page.

C - Click on the desired Composite Frame to enable the Feature Portrait.

D - Expand the Feature Frame section and opt for Show Feature Frame.

E - The Composite Frame will promptly refresh and display the Feature Frame.

Note 1: While in layout mode, we showcase the most intricate scenarios; for instance, you may encounter two Feature Frames if a class has two teachers.

Note 2 : Manual knock-out and automatic occlusion functionality do not apply to the feature frame, as it is treated as a unique case.

Creating the Composite to View Results

Automatic Generation of 3 Class Composites with the Feature Frame Enabled!

WARNING: The number of featured portraits cannot exceed the capacity of the first row in the composite grid. To ensure compatibility, your grid should have twice as many columns as there are featured portraits.

For instance, if you have five featured portraits, your composite grid should consist of at least ten rows. Similarly, if you have three featured portraits, your grid should have no fewer than six rows.

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