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Frame order & layering

Every object on your canvas (Layout editor, Page editor, Portrait template editor) is positioned relative to the other frames on your canvas.

In this Portrait template below, the frames in this layout have been clustered to illustrate their relative order.

On the bottom is the canvas frame. A shape frame is on top of it,  then a portrait frame on top of the shape. Three tag text frames are on top of the portrait.

To move the position of a frame relative to the other frames, select it, then access the frame alignment tool in the right side options.

Use the arrow buttons to move the selected frame to the top position, up one level, down one level or send it to the back of all other frames.

For example, a new shape has been added to the portrait template, but it is on top of all other items as the last added item on the page.

To move the shape to the very back layer, select it, click on the arrange tool, then move it to the back.

It will now be ordered behind every item on the canvas.

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