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How to build a memory mate

A memory mate consists of a feature image and an accompanying group grid.  Create one-per-person custom classroom or graduate team sports layouts.
A video tutorial is avaialble to demonstrate this type of project - click here to view it.

Basic setup

On the Editor's Layout tab, add a composite frame. Then set the frame query to show your main group. (eg: show every portrait within a particular grade or team).

Next, add a second composite frame - rename it if desired. Set this frame to show the same group, but choose Intelli-Flow.  

Intelli-flow tells the composite frame to create a single composite for every item listed in the category. Only one composite frame can be set to Intelli-flow per layout.

Excluding the focus portrait

To exclude the single portrait from the larger group composite frame, select the single portrait composite frame then turn on the Exclude portrait from composite checkbox.
Specify the name of the larger group composite frame from which the portrait should be removed.

The results - every portrait in the group has a custom composite. 

And the focus portrait is excluded from their group grid. Here is a detail of three composites - note that the feature portrait does not appear in the grid below it.


Use knockouts, custom portrait templates and other design features to make unique memory mates for your clients.

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