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Images: cropping, panning, zooming

To crop an image within its frame, select it on your page. Handles will appear around the edges of the frame.

To change the height of the image, drag on the top or bottom center handles. To change the width of the image, drag on the left or right center handles. 

To change the height and the width simultaneously without breaking the width-to-height ratio, drag any of the corner handles.

The new dimensions of the image will be displayed as you drag on the handle.

To reposition the image within the frame (up/down, side-to-side), click and drag the pan handle in the center of the photo.

To zoom in or out of the image, drag up or down on the Image Crop icon, which is located among the tabs over the image frame.

To undo zooming changes and display your image at full size within the confines of your selected frame, double-click on the Image Crop icon.

To undo cropping and zooming changes, click on the Menu Icon (top left of the frame) and choose "reset frame to fit image." The image will be displayed at its full native size.

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