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Images & shapes: border shape and color

Border properties are accessible for portrait templates, candid images and shapes on the Layout Editor, the Page Editor and the Portrait Template Editor.

To access the border attributes, select one or more images on your canvas, then click on the Border icon in the right-side options

There are six frame shapes available. Click on any option to apply the shape to your selected image(s): square corner, rounded corner, angled corner, oval, circle, and diamond.

Rounded and Angled corner shapes can be adjusted to increase or decrease the corner size. When you select a border with an adjustable corner, a slider will appear under the shapes.

Drag the slider to change the size of the corner.

To turn on a contrast border, turn on the Show border edge color checkbox.

Adjust the color by clicking on the color swatch. The Color editor will appear - click on the gradient, or the swatches, or use the eye dropper, or manually enter HSV, RGB or Hex code values to set the color.

Adjust the border width via the width slider.

Adjust the border opacity via the opacity slider.

Adding a textured background displays the level or opacity more clearly as the texture can be seen through the border. Note in the image below a shape has been used with an angled black border.

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