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The Editor tab - Layout

The Editor is composed of three parts:

  • the Layout tab - where you create your template
  • the Composite Set tab - where you can view the entire generated set of composites made from your layout.
  • the Page tab - where you can fine-tune edit individual pages of your generate set.

This section will cover the Layout tab.

Create your composite design on the Layout tab. Use any of the five available frame types to build your layout, available over the canvas area.
Click on these icons to add frames to your layout.

Frame Type
Icon to add to the canvas
Holds a candid photo, logo or clipart
(jpg & png formats).

Not connected to the index or portrait set.

Does not vary on multi-page generated composite sets (eg. same logo will appear on all pages).

A decorative color block.

Not connected to the index.

Does not vary on multi-page generated composites sets. (eg. same color block will appear at the top of every page).

Text Frame
Contains custom text.

Not connected to the index.

Does not vary on multi-page generate composite set (eg. same organization name appears on all pages).

Tagged Text Frame
Contains variable text pulled from the index.

Often changes from page to page on multi-page generated composite sets (eg. the homeroom teacher's name and the classroom's grade update).

Composite Frame
Area containing a grid of portrait images using an index query.

Portraits within the composite frame usually vary from page to page on a multi-page generated composite set (eg. different set of students or team members).

Building your layout

There is no particular order to follow to build your layout. Minimally, a layout will consist of one or more composite frames, with a page title comprised of a text or tagged text frame.
Images and shapes can be optionally used to further embellish your composition. Layouts can be very simple or very complicated depending on your needs.

The use and feature set of composite frames and tagged text frames is covered in detail the Composite Features Overview section of this knowledge base. 

The use and feature set of Image frames, shape frames and text frames is covered in detail the General Feature Overview section of this knowledge base.

After completing your layout, click on the Generate Composite Set button to merge your design with your portraits and index information.

View the results on the Composite set tab.

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