Using Priority to break alphabetical portrait arrangement

Modified on Tue, 2 Mar, 2021 at 8:07 AM

By design, portraits are sorted in the composite grid alphabetically by last name.

Here is a basic classroom composite. Before priorities are added, homeroom teachers appear in the grid in alphabetical order with their students.

To break alphabetical order, use the Priority category in the Index. Portraits with a higher priority ranks will appear before lower ranked portraits.

Adding Priority to your CSV file

If you want to add priority information before importing it into Memento Composite, you can add a column for it in your csv file. (More information on formatting your csv can be found here.)

Adding Priority in the Index after import

Three categories are automatically added to your index at import: Priority, Exclude and Featured.
To add a priority to your portraits, select one or more portraits, scroll down to the Priority field, and type in the priority.

What values to use to set priority

Assign the numbers 1 and up (no limit). This format is suitable for most schools and uncomplicated organizations.

Suggested priority rankings for schools

Detailed (for staff organizational grids)
Simple Scheme with staff
Principal = 1
Principal = 1
Teachers = 1
Vice Principal = 2
Vice Principal = 2
Assistant Teachers/Paraprofessionals/Teaching Aides: 2
Admin staff = 3
Teaching staff (all)= 3
Student unranked or 3
Teachers = 3
Non-teaching staff = 4

Assistant Teachers/Paraprofessionals/Teaching Aides: 4
Students unranked or 5

Support staff: 5

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