Using tagged text frames

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Create text frames that include information from the Index. This is useful to automatically label or title a multi-page set of composites.

In the Editor on the Layout tab, add at least one composite frame and set its query.  
In this example, a single panel has been set up to produce a series of composites using the Teacher category. This composite frame has been named "Class group".

Click on the tag text icon to add a frame to the canvas. The resulting frame may occlude the grid, meaning that it obstructs the portraits being displayed in that area.

Resize the tag text frame, and/or turn off occlusion (so it won't obstruct the composite frame).

Use the Tag Text Generator to set the contents of the frame.

Click on the V button to expand the editor.

Click on Add Tags>>> to select which categories to use from the Index. 

In this example we are making a series of classroom composites, organized by the Teacher category - one composite per homeroom. To identify the composite, we can add Grade and Teacher into the tagged text to automatically add the Grade level and homeroom teacher's name. Other composites might include homeroom numbers, team names, organizational groups, etc.

Simply click on the categories of your choice, and they will be added into the Tag Text Generator...

and they will appear on the tag text frame on the canvas as well.

Next, specify the source of the tag text by indicating which composite frame to use. This is important on layouts that have more than one composite frame, since they may have different queries.

If you generated the composite set at this point, the Teacher and Grade number will appear.

However, the tag text looks a little incomplete as a title. Other words and embellishments can be added to improve its appearance.

You can type in the tag text editor directly to include non-index related words.
In our example, we want the title to read Mrs. (teachers name)'s Grade (X) class.

The generated set will now appear like this:

Select the tag text frame on the canvas to add text attributes.

Change font, size, color, add a contour, align the text within the frame, as you like.

Add a shadow effect if desired.

The resulting generated composite set will appear like this:

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