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Customizing Feature Frames

Is there a way to customize the black border around the feature frame? I would like it to be the same thickness as all the other photos. I found where I can customize the border sizes but when I do that, the feature image still has a border that is much larger than everything else and stands out way to much.

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  • Thanks for the feedback. We've added a case to look into the feature frame's behaviour right now. 

    When you turn a frame into a feature, it seems to double pretty much every value, including the border width, which cannot be customized individually since it is template-driven.

    Below, I've added an edited version of your screenshot. Is this the result you would be looking for?

    The feature frame is aligned to the top of the top row and the bottom of the 2nd row; the feature label is aligned to the 2nd row's label,  and the border width & spacing is consistent with the main grid.
    This will change the aspect ratio of the featured image - in this case it is taller/narrower, but it makes the feature frame fit into the grid accurately.

    Let us know what ideally you would like to see.. should the label remain the same size as the rest of the grid, or double? Is it more important to fit into the grid, or keep the same aspect ratio?

  • The attached photo looks perfect. I love how it aligns evenly with the top of the first row and bottom of the second row. I would say the label can double when it is featured. I feel if we are featuring the image it makes sense to feature the name as well.

    Thank you!

  • Good catch
    Changing the spacing also affects the featured image dimension
    It should always match the "grid"


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