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Feedback wanted!

A big thanks-in-advance to our Beta group for being the first to try out Memento Composite.

We are looking for feedback on your experiences using the software.  

Did you find any features confusing or difficult to use? Is there some feature we need to add? Are there products or workflows that would be useful to add?

The more detail you can provide, the better!

  • I am super excited about this program! It was frustrating that some things didn't hold if I had to re-generate the composite. With one that I was working on the company changed the arrangement of people several times. I was doing knockouts while I was looking at the people's faces, but they didn't hold when I had to re-generate. I ended up having to take a picture of how it needed to look and then do the knockouts with the placeholder faces. I think on a regular school composite this wouldn't be as big of an issue. But for this sort of composite it would have been better if I could make my changes while looking at the actual people and have them hold. 

    I had some problems when I had composite sets with some of the composites set to not print. It would shut down on me. I believe with the help of customer support we figured out it was because I had extra columns in my data that were confusing the program. I didn't realize that even data that wasn't used in the import could mess it up.

    I need a way to center a row when it has an add amount of people in it. To finish one of my composites I had to take it into photoshop and center the one row because it wouldn't center, but I had to have those specific people in the row. I couldn't add one more to make it even. I also needed one person to have a first name only. I left the last name blank, but it still put in [Last Name] and I had to take that out in photoshop too. I have attached that one so hopefully this will make sense.

    All-in-all I have lots of uses in mind for the program and definitely plan to keep using it as long as it fits in our budget! I like having the control over my composites rather than having to send them to the lab and wait for them to come back only to send them back for changes.

    Thank you!

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