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How to convert your database to a .csv file type

Memento Composite imports .csv database files exclusively. CSV (comma separated values) files are best able to support a variety of character types (accents, apostrophes, other non-alphanumerics) than other files types.

If you have been given a .txt or other type of file for your database, open it in Excel or another spreadsheet-type software.

Your data will be displayed in a grid.

Follow the formatting shown in the supported file types and formatting page to correct your index file, if required.

When the work is completed, choose File > Save as... in your spreadsheet software then resave the file as a .csv as your chosen file type. 

Save it next to your original database file under a slightly different name (eg. index2.csv). This will make it easier to spot when you are importing it into Memento Composite.

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