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File and Project Management

Starting a new project

New projects are started on the Projects tab by clicking on the Composite tile. 

Type a name for your new project to continue onto the Settings tab.

Saving your work

To save a project as you work on it, click on the disk icon while in the Editor.  

Projects will be saved by default to your Documents folder into the Memento Composite/Project folder.
This folder also contains a backup of your projects as you work on them and your presets.


To change the default location for your saved work, click on General in the top left corner, and choose User Preferences.

Change the folder path under the Advanced options tab.

Changing the default folder location does not migrate your projects and presets to this new location. Your presets unavailable after the software is relaunched. Learn how to fix this issue.

For other saving options, click on the Projects tab directly from the Editor. You will be prompted to:

  • Save your work as a new project (under a new name, not overwriting the previous project) OR
  • Save and close (using the same project name to overwrite it) OR
  • Close without saving.

Loading Previously Saved Projects

Under the Projects tab, use Recent projects to see your last saved projects.

To open an older project, navigate to the folder on your system where you save your work. 

Click on the dropdown to select Explorer.  By default, your projects are saved to My Documents/Memento Composites/Projects

Hover over a project tile to launch it for editing - then click on the Pencil icon to open the file.

Hover over a project tile to make a copy of it - click on the Duplicate icon. You can then edit it, using it as a template for new work.

Hover over a project tile to delete it - click on the Trash Can icon.

Previews & Sorting

Change the size of the project thumbnails by clicking on the icons in the top right corner.

Sort your projects by file date or file name. 

Project Backups

If you accidentally overwrite a project or you have problems opening up the last save, backups of your previous saves are available in Documents\Memento Composite\Projects\Project Backups.

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