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The Finalize tab

Once your project is complete, with series of composites generated to your satisfaction, move to the Finalize tab to render the project into printable files.

Choose between three formats:

  • PDF, to create flattened or layered documents saved as a multipage file or multiple single page files.
  • JPG to create flattened files, one per page
  • PNG to create flattened files with the background canvas extracted (transparent), suitable to transfer to image editing software to apply into a template
  • PSD to create layered documents that can be edited further in Photoshop (eg fine-grained image corrections)

Memento Composite must be online to complete this process since it must access your account subscription.
Before rendering, you must create an account or sign into your existing account.  
If this is your first time registering, you will need to sign up for the monthly subscription. 

Once your subscription is running, you can proceed to Finalize your project. Subscriptions enable unlimited rendering while active.

To create flattened files saved to your computer, choose either the JPG/PDF/PNG Export or PSD Export option. 

Once done setting up the preferences, click RENDER to produce the files.
Rendering can take some time as Memento Composite is gathering all the information from your original source images to create a high quality output.

You will be prompted to open the files, view the folder where the files are located (by default, they are in folders found in Documents\Memento\Projects) and/or close the Finalization window. You can review the completed output, re-render if required, and/or send it off to your client for review, or to your printing service of choice as per their recommended method

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