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The Projects tab

Projects are started and managed on the Projects tab.

When you first launch Memento Composite, a project tile and empty projects window will appear.

Starting a new project

Click on the Composite tile to create a new project.

Give the project a name then click Create.

You will flip immediately to the Settings tab to set up your project dimensions.

Working with Saved Projects

After working with the software, recently saved projects will appear in the bottom pane.

To see all saved projects, click on the left-side drop down and point to your file explorer. The folders on your computers will appear.

Memento Composite projects save to My Documents/Memento Composite/Projects by default.

Change the size of the project thumbnails using the controls on the left side of the preview area.

View your projects in order of file date/time or alphabetically.

To open a saved project, hover over its tile and click on the pencil icon.

Your project will launch in the Editor tab. Note that you can return to the Settings tab to resize the project or to the Index tab to delete the current database and then replace it with a new one.

Duplicate Projects

To make a copy of a saved project - so it can be reused as a template with new customization & photos - click on the duplicate icon, change the project name and click duplicate.

Deleting projects

To delete a project, click on the trash icon.

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