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Images: gradients

Gradient effects reduce transparency along one or more edges of your image, allowing them to blend into the background.

To add a gradient, select one or more images on your canvas, then click the Gradient icon. This option is available on the Layout Editor, the Page Editor and the Portrait Template Editor.

Enable the gradient effect and choose an effect.

Adjustments can be made to gradients to define where the gradient starts within the image and how the edge appears.

Adjust the Softness to adjust the amount of translucency on the edge.

Adjust the Midpoint to adjust how far the gradient extends into the image

On edge gradients, adjust the Angle from where the gradient is applied.

On circular, rectangular and diamond shaped gradients, adjust the Center point of the gradient on the x and y axis.

Invert the gradient to reverse the fade from edge to center.

This effect is particularly effective by adjusting the midpoint - it will create a vignetting effect.

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