Memento Composite

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The Index tab

Importing the database

Import your .csv or .txt portrait index package on the Index tab. Once imported, you can edit the database to add more information to it, making it easier to create your composite.

Click on the Import Index File button then locate your file on your computer. If required, toggle from the .csv option to the .txt option next to the Open button to find your index file.
Click OPEN when you have selected the file.

The index and photos will be imported into your project.

When complete, the portraits will be displayed.

Editing the database

Update or add information in the right hand column. Changes will be applied to all selected images immediately.

(Note that the category names match the column headers in your .csv file.)

When you select a single portrait image, the information related to that portrait is available on the right side of the screen. 

If you select multiple images, you will see only the information common to them.

Click into any category to make a change.  Correct typos or add new info by typing into the category boxes directly.

Or reassign portraits into an existing group:

Sorting and searching the database

Images can be sorted alphabetically by the last name field.

Use the Filter to show portraits belonging to a specific group. 

This is useful if you need to reassign a batch of people to a new group to filter - simply filter the group, select all, and reassign the portraits as a batch.

You can also use the filter to find a specific person without scrolling through the entire portrait set.

Once your data has been updated, move to the Editor tab to create your layout.

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